The Company

The Company

YaYa® Materiales, SLU. was founded in the year 1995 as joint-ownership in the isle of La Palma/Canaries and was commuted into a Ltd. with 250,000 EUR capital in the year 2001.

Since then, we’re dedicated to the commercialization of modern, novel and intelligent construction products, respecting as maximum motto of the company the price-performance ratio; that’s why we cannot be and don’t want to be “the cheapest” – our clients are looking for quality and long-lasting intelligent solutions. The majority of our products are marking the international top in matters of quality and professional application and belong to the huge group of chemical construction products – new building / construction / civil engineering, repairs and restauration of historic buildings.

Our range of supply includes the complete concrete technology like admixtures and fibres for concrete, self levelling grout and super high-strength grout for wind turbines, bridges and heavy duty turbines, home and commercial (e.g. for hotels) paints (pure elastic acrylic, dehumidifying silicone), nautical and industrial (pools, direct contact with foodstuff), epoxy & PU resins, homologated waterproofings for any application (underground, flat roof, pools, Spa, drinking water), silicones, silanes and siloxanes for the dehumidification and hydrophobising of walls or roof tiles (injection and/or superficial treatment), special prepared mortars like repair mortar R4 or dehumidifying plaster or flexible, underwater-proof tile setting mortar for pools (glass mosaic) or for underwater applications in running water, hard metal for extreme heavy duty industrial floors or walk-on-able resins for boats and flat roofs.

Almost all our products are of German, Austrian or Swiss origin. As we aren’t “married” with no specific provider, we’re able to select always the best products and offers of leading producers like PAGEL Spezial-Beton, Saint-Gobain Weber (Germany), Wacker-Chemie, COELAN-Chemie, OTTO-Chemie, EXTE, DOYMA, Werra-Plastik, Tricosal BBZ, Baumhüter, MALECO – amongst others. And with this special dedication we survived the crisis of the Spanish market after 2008.

Especially for the Canarian market with its special climate (mainly very strong insolation similar to the Caribbean, combined with high saline levels in the coastal regions) we have developed or modified products, that are manufactured by leading producers in their sector under our own brand YaYa.tec®. But one item remains the same: all our products are of first quality at Central European level, designed by qualified chemical engineers.

We’re providing some specialities in the mainland of Spain, Central and South America / North Africa / Asia with direct transport factory-client to the building site.
In the year 2006 we invented and introduced into the market a family of special admixtures (superplasticizers) for pozzolanic cement (like it is used in the Canaries), which reduces the cost by 4 – 10 EUR/m3 of concrete. For this invention, we were granted the European Patent nº EP1894905. Of course, all our YaYa.tec® branded products are CE marked, where applicable.

Our motto is to offer the best quality of products in their range, at the best price-performance ratio. Because we know, that only the satisfied client will come back – and this for almost 25 years.

We are concrete technologists VDB (German E-Schein) and expert planners for the protection, repair and maintenance of reinforced concrete (German SKP) and supervisors/certifiers for this type of work (German SIVV-Schein) – according to BS-EN 1504. We’re offering high quality assessment & consulting services, including expert opinions for courts.

Grouting of onshore wind turbines is one of our specialities – we’re QS supervisor and certifier by PAGEL Spezial-Beton (Essen, Germany), the people who invented the grout in the year 1960 (Mr. Arnfried Pagel).


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